Cooking Schools to Choose From

If you’ve always had this dream of setting up your own restaurant in a posh urban city where you can serve dishes you think you’ve mastered all your life, you can start off by getting out of your own kitchen and enrolling yourself in cooking schools that will kick off your career as the best chef in town.`

Cooking schools are all over but just like any other course, you would never enjoy studying, even with the best teachers and top of the line facilities and well-crafted programs if you don’t have the passion for food and cooking. But seriously, who doesn’t love food?

Here are some cooking schools in different states you can choose from that offers different programs that would fit your interests:

California Culinary Academy in San Francisco

Providing extensive hands-on classes plus lecture courses, the California Culinary Academy offers training in Culinary arts, hospitality and restaurant management, and baking and pastry arts.

Institute of Culinary Education in New York City

Around 37 years since it was established, the Institute of Culinary Education is one of the leading schools in the country that excels in their training for culinary, pastry art and design, y food and wine and many more.

Texas Culinary Academy

15 years of providing premier culinary education, the Texas Culinary Academy trains their students to be well-rounded individuals in the culinary field by providing lessons on basic to advance cooking and baking skills up to budget and cost control.

International Culinary School at the Art Institute of Washington

With its own restaurant, this school equips students with all the training they need in baking and pastry, wine, spirits and beverage management, culinary arts management and food and beverage management.

Kendall College school of culinary arts in Chicago Illinois

As one of the few schools that offer a four-year Bachelor of Arts in Culinary Arts degree, the school trains students well on cuisines from different countries and not only focuses on training students to prepare good food but providing healthy dishes. The students are also taught business management to help them pursue their career not just to be chefs but to own ntheir food establishments.

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Boston

With a lot of courses to choose from, the school makes sure to provide students everything they need to know in the culinary industry from theories and techniques to providing them with the ample training through hand on activities, demo classes and more.

Pennsylvania Culinary Institute

Since 1986, the school has grown great interest from local and international students for its extensive hands-on activities prepared in its programs which include an Associate degree in Specialized technology in Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Program and an Associate degree in specialized technology in Le cordon Bleu Pastry program.

Kitchen Academy-Seattle

For just seven to eight months, you can already assure yourself of good culinary training and a Professional Culinary Arts Diploma through this school, which has been carefully planned out by professional chefs.

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