Welcome to Cooking Training Center

Welcome to Cooking Training Center

Welcome to Cooking Training Center

If you badly want to learn how to be a better cook than you are right now whose specialty is frying an egg, and culinary schools are just out of your budget, cooking training can be done at the comforts of your own kitchen.

Set aside that fear that you’ll burn the house down and get yourself together with your determination to learn something your husband would actually love and not run away from. Your hubby may just laugh about it but as how they say it, the best way through a man’s heart is through is stomach.

Here are a few tips to help you get started with your ‘at-home cooking training’.

Tidy up that kitchen.

A clean kitchen will really help you to be in the mood to cook. It’s just like how some people sleep better in a clean room. Cooking is also about hygiene. You have to make sure your food is clean and safe to eat and this starts with the preparation. So you need to clean your kitchen well, away from dirt, bacteria and any other yucky stuff that might pop out of your dish. You also need to organize your things well so when you cook, you don’t have to run to the other end of the room to get your salt and pepper. Make sure that everything you would possibly need in cooking would be conveniently near you.

Secure the basics.

Learning how to cook doesn’t mean you have to buy all the top-of-the-line utensils, cooking ware and kitchen paraphernalia. The basics would do. What’s important is you have something to use when you need it. Also, when buying the basics, you can research or ask in advance from people who have been cooking all their lives on what’s the best thing to use. Kitchenware and utensils vary in the material used and not everything lasts long especially when used often in direct heat.

Get easy recipes.

There are so many step by step videos or books right now for cooking enthusiasts. Video instructional are available in Youtube and other sites where you can slowly follow cooking recipes plus get some tips along the way. Since you’re just starting, look for dishes that are simple and doesn’t need a lot of techniques and ingredients. If you get the hang of it, you can already work yourself up on different recipes.


In food, we all have different taste preferences. In the recipe you’re following, you might not want how they’ve added so much chili in the mixture so you can reduce the chili for your own version. Also, once you’ve gotten the hang of cooking, don’t be scared to try on different things like playing around with ingredients and adding your own. Cooking training is about trial and error. You may never know that your experiments may actually turn out as a masterpiece.

Keep your cool.

Don’t run out of your house when you feel the cooking oil is out to grab you as you put in your onions to saute in the hot pan. It’s normal. Once you get used to it, you’ll soon be following the chefs in TV as they flip food from one side to the other without a sweat. Plus cooking would require you to multi-task. You need to get used to frying meat on one pan and boiling the sauce in the other.

You can visit our blog section for cooking recipes.

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